About Us
Mission Statement:
  • To provide the youth in our community with a positive and enjoyable experience in Football and Cheerleading.
  • To teach each child the values of participating in sports.
  • To teach each child the value of fair play, teamwork and competitiveness, both on and off the field. 
  • To teach each participant the fundamentals of winning, while equally stressing how to act in defeat.
Practice Information

Practice Location:

  • Davis High School.

Practice Days:

  • For the first four weeks of the season, we practice Monday through Friday.
  • For the remainder of the season, we practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, with an optional (Check with your coaches) one hour walk through on Friday.

Practice Time:

  • From 6 pm to 8pm
Team Divisions

*Each Team Division has a corresponding Football and Cheer Team (There are however, no weight restrictions for cheer).


  • Ages 7-8 (By Aug 1st).
  • Max weight: 110lbs.
  • This level is for beginners.
  • Our coaching staff places emphasis on teaching and instructing the players on HOW to play football. 


  • Ages 9 & 10 (By Aug 1st).
  • Max weight: 125lbs.


  • Ages 9-12 (By Aug 1st).
  • Max weight: 145lbs.
  • All 8th graders MUST play Varsity, regardless of age and weight.


  • Ages 11-14 (By Aug 1st).
  • Max weight: 220lbs.
  • All 8th graders must play Varsity.
  • No REPEAT 8th graders or High School players can participate.
  • Our Varsity squad has been a constant point of pride and a force in our league for years.
  • This level prepares players who plan on entering into High School Football.

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